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Rieger's Path

Building of Rieger's path

Czech Tourist Club was next to Sokol, amateur associations and trade societies before the emergence of Czechoslovakia to samostaného nejagilnějším national corporations. In the early 20 century, the number of trade unions Club of Czech tourists approached fifty, including 1903 based Železný. In 1908 he established a new Semily District Governor Anthony Böhm contact with Emil Kalfus, a member of the Department Železný Club of Czech tourists. It Kalfus governor brought the idea to make the area between Bitouchov and Podspálov with hiking trails. Organisational background gained in idea creation of Club Semily in February 1909, which became the first president Anthony Böhm. The project was prepared road-master Železný district Kousal, restaurateur J. initiated Wednesday after naming trails Semilská native and Czech political leaders JUDr. Fr. L. Rieger (1818–1903). Construction of trails funded primarily by J. Liebieg and F. Schmitt, as well as deputies, district council, town council or beautification societies.

** Building of path

Crha cottage (today Hotel Pod Spálovem)

Footbridge over the Kamenice river (before 1938)

GPS position

N 50° 38.031', E 15° 18.080'



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