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Morávka Nature Trail in Skalice

Morávka Nature Trail in Skalice 3

Wild River

Morávka River has kept the nature of a typical wild lowland river in the non-regulated parts of its flow. It represents a significant geomorphologic phenomenon, in other parts of the Czech Republic almost non-existing. The wild river is characteristic by a large amount of transported and stored material. It creates wide gravel alluvial plain with many river beds connecting and disconnecting here and there, constantly changing its direction. Gravel tanus cones and silts are washed off and stacked over again and again. The gravel silts represent a unique biotope for special plant and animal species.

Morávka River

Morávka River creates deep valleys below Bílý Kříž Mountain top and meanders all the way to Morávka municipality up to a reservoir built on it. The upper reaches flow through the middle of a mountainous area which belongs to one of the rainiest parts of the Czech Republic. The annual rainfall can reach 1200 – 1300 mm there. Depending on the weather the river flow rate can fluctuate a lot. As a consequence, there was erosion at the upper reaches of the river while massive deposits of washed-off gravel further down the stream. The river bed was constantly changing during the twentieth century in connection with the river flow regulation and the construction of the reservoir. The reservoir was built at the confluence of Slavíč stream in the 60´s. It serves as a source of drinking water and a protection against floods. The river down the reservoir was partly regulated. There was an upstream waterway (an artificial surface canal) built on it at Raškovice municipality which drains some of the water into Lučina stream. The riverbed regains more of its natural look with gravel silts and occasional grooves and rapids from Vyšní Lhoty further on.

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NPP Skalická Morávka

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