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Rieger's Path

Hydroelectric plant

Hydroelectric plant on the Jizera river in Spálov was built between 1921–1926. Construction of up to 300 employees and the total investment amounted to CZK 20 million. In the first stage fortified house for jezného, tunnels were 1323 meters long, shaped with the help of dynamite in hard rocks, and úboční channel with a length of 437 meters, which brings water from the gallery built in the buffer chamber. In the second stage, the engine room, the substation, and buffer were mixed with a downcomer chamber and cascades for draining excess water again implemented in Jizera. Water was carried from the chamber pressure pipes in the engine room to two Francis turbines and generators on a common shaft. The engine compartment is immediately adjacent to a high building with eight substation transformers.

Historical postcard of powerplant

After 72 years of operation, the plant was rebuilding under which, inter alia, the spiral, replace horizontal Francis turbines with a vertical system for Kaplan. Decontamination and equipped reinforced concrete inlet channel, spillway and outlet. In early February 1999 after upgrading the system was back to the network.

GPS position

N 50° 37.953', E 15° 18.157'



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