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Memorable trees of Opava and Bruntál Districts

Wild Cherry

Basic Information

There is a memorable Wild Cherry (Cerasus avium) growing in a forest stand under Kamenná Hill in the district of Deštná municipality. The tree is 22 m high and its trunk perimeter is 163 cm. The cherry tree was declared memorable in the year 1999. It is estimated to be 70 year old.

Points of Interest

The municipality of Mladecko, formerly called Mladotice, is located to the north-west of here. The first accounts of it come from the year 1250. A small baroque castle was built at the periphery of the village in the 80s of 17th century. A hundred years later it was pulled down. Earl Ondřej Renard had a new Empire castle built in 19th century. Later, a large landscape park was built to it. Today it is used as home for nuns of Congregation of Sisters in Mercy of the 3rd order of St. Francis and it is closed to public.

Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry

Useful information


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GPS position

N 49° 53.195', E 17° 41.797'



Krajský úřad Moravskoslezského kraje, odbor životního prostředí
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