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Memorable trees of Opava and Bruntál Districts

Linden at the Kohouts´

Basic Information

A memorable Large-leaved Linden (Tilia platyphyllos) is growing at a former forest district at the upper end of Mezina village next to a blue tourist line. It was declared memorable in the year 2004. Its trunk is about 441 cm wide, it is 27 m tall. The age of the tree is estimated to 250 years.

Points of interest

The memorable linden is growing at the turn of a blue tourist line to the extinct Quaternary volcano called Venus´ volcano. Similarly to the neighbouring Uhlířský vrch volcano or Velký and Malá Roudný volcano, the Venus´volcano belongs to strato-volcanoes of Nízký Jeseník. The top of the volcano is flat and forested. Volcanic activity can be assumed only by the red-brown colour of the soil. Two lava flows lead towards the north-east. Venus´ volcano is important also from its mineralogical aspect as a green mineral olivine is present in large amounts in basalt. Not far from here you can visit Lávový proud Nature monument at Mezina

Lípa u Kohoutů

Lípa u Kohoutů1

Lípa u Kohoutů2

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GPS position

N 49° 57.014', E 17° 28.352'



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