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Memorable trees of Opava and Bruntál Districts

Sycamore Tree in Dětřichovice

Basic Information There is a memorable sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) growing at a graveyard wall at the church in Dětřichovice, close to the entry to a former parish office on the left side of the road to Světlá hora. It was declared memorable in the year 2005. Its trunk is about 342 cm wide. It is 25 m tall. The tree is in a good condition. Its age is estimated to be 170 years old. Points of interest Dětřichovice village is part of Světlá hora municipality located 4 km far from it. The dominant feature of Dotřichovice is the Church of Archangel Michael from the year 1771. It was built on the place of a former wooden church. The sycamore maple grows right next to it. The priest, poet, prose writer and national history worker Jan Vojtěch Ben and the painter Johan František Greipel come from this area. František Greipel painted pictures for the church in Karlovice, Hošťálkov, Krnov as well as this church.

Kleb v Dětřichovicích 1

Klen v Dětřichovicíh

Klen v Dětřichovicích2

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