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Memorable trees of Opava and Bruntál Districts

Oak Tree behind Rock Garden

Basic Information

There is a Pedunculate oak (Quercus robur) growing at a watercourse to the west of the castle garden in Štáblovice. It is 27 m high and its trunk perimeter is 483 cm. The oak was declared memorable already in the year 1986.

Points of Interest

The municipality of Štáblovice was set up under Bruno of Schaunberg, a Bishop of Olomouc during the years 1245 – 1281. The first written account of it comes from the year 1489 when the village belonged to Olomouc Diocese in the form of a feud. In the course of time, there were many changes in the holders of the feud who lived in the fort in the village. Kašpar Rotrmberk of Ketř was the most notable of them. He got hold of the feud in 1668 and had it rebuilt into a small Renaissance castle. A hundred years later, Jan Lescourant had it rebuilt into a Baroque style. The castle owes its current look to Sobkové of Kornice who had been holding it from 1759 until modern age. During the World War II the castle got greatly damaged. Nowadays it is owned by Kamil Kolek who is working on its complete reconstruction. The castle park is open to public.

Oak Tree behind Rock Garden

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GPS position

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