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Memorable trees of Opava and Bruntál Districts

European Alder in Dětřichovice

Basic Information

There is a memorable European alder (Alnus glutinosa) growing on a waterlloged meadow close to an unnamed left tributary of Skrbovnický Brook at a road corner, about 150 m far from the local church. It was declared memorable in the year 2003. Its trunk is 473 cm wide, it is 30 m tall. It is the only memorable alder in the Moravia-Silesian region.

Points of Interest

European Alder is a non-leaved deciduous tree from birch family. It grows in deep, permanently wet soils, often on river and brook banks or in swamps. It is photophilous and very sensitive to droughts when being young. On the contrary, it is very resilient to wet conditions. It is used for strengthening water banks, in furniture production as well as woodcarving. Thanks to its quick growth it is used together with poplar and willow trees in production of sawdust briquettes and bricks.

Dětřichovická olše1

Dětřichovická olše2

Dětřichovická olše3

Useful information


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GPS position

N 50° 3.113', E 17° 26.775'



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