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Memorable trees of Opava and Bruntál Districts

Black birches at Raduňské ponds

Basic information

The memorable group of Black Birches (Betula oscura) can be found north from Raduň parish near the Raduňské ponds system. Silver Birches (Betula pendula) predominate the deciduous vegetation. The group of 21 birches was declared memorable in 1997. In 2009 – 2010 only eleven black birches were found here. The height of the trees is about 24 m and their trunk circumferences vary from 80 to 151 cm. Birch is a short-lived wood and thus declaring it a memorable tree is quite unusual. These are the only memorable birches in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

Matters of interest

The Black Birch is sometimes classified as separate species, sometimes as a subspecies of the Silver Birch. Its leaves are the same as of the white birch but its trunk is dark even in older age and reminds of a cherry-tree. Both of these birch species are frequently found together. The Silesian and Beskydy Regions are the two main suitable regions for black birches to be spread. In opava Region, the greatest prevalence of black birches was found in Úvalenské Louky Nature Reserve.

Black birches at Raduňské ponds

Black birches at Raduňské ponds

Raduňské rybníky

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