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Memorable trees of Opava and Bruntál Districts

The oak alley in Raduň

Basic information

The alley of memorable English Oaks (Quercus robur) used to line the old road between Vršovice and Raduň. The trees were plotted already in old maps of the 1st military (Joseph´s) mapping in 1764 – 1784. Six of these oaks were declared memorable in 1972. Two of them with trunk circumferences over 7 meters fell down. Nowadays there stand only four memorable oaks that are 20–24 meters high with trunk circumferences from 4–5 meters. The greatest oak in this alley with broken branches was damaged by lightning and wood-decaying fungi. In its hollows, wild bees live there and despite all of the damage the tree keeps on living. In the lower part of the alley there can be found eight younger oaks that are proposed to be declared memorable.

Matters of interest

Except for this memorable alley, you can also visit a castle that stands in the place of a former gothic fort from the year 1320 and also a large park with ponds that was established during the classical reconstruction of the castle in 1816 – 1822. It was enlarged by a classical orangery in 1824 that is also accesible to public. Several other memorable trees can be found north from the parish close to Raduňské ponds: black birches and the oldest English Oak in the Opava Region.

The oak alley in Raduň

castle in Raduň

The oak alley in Raduň

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