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Memorable trees of Ostrava and Frýdek - Místek Districts

London Plane at Černá louka

Basic Information

The London plane (Platanus x hispanica) is growing in front of an exhibition hall at Černá louka. Its trunk is the largest one of all the platan trees in Ostrava. It used the space around for its crown to grow majestically reaching 26 m in width. It was declared memorable in the year 1990. Its current height is about 25 m. The tree trunk is 545 cm wide.

Points of interest

The London plane is a cross between the American Sycamore (P. occidentalis) and the Oriental plane (P. orientalis). It was and often is planted as a solitaire in parks and castle parks throughout the Czech Republic. It can grow to large size. The massive exemplars that we can see in gardens and parks can live up to several hundred years. It starts to bear fruits after being twenty years old. The platan wood is highly decorative, it is used for production of luxury interiors and furniture, car interiors, cabinetmaking or door facing. Beautiful handles of various tools and decorative objects are lathed from it.

Platan na Černé louce

Platan kůra

Useful information


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GPS position

N 49° 49.992', E 18° 17.543'



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