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Folk architecture

Dlask homestead

The Dlask homestead in Dolánky at Turnov, a representative of the area form of house in the regions at river Jizera, was built in the year 1716. The homestead forms an individual urbanistic unit rimed by beam wall with two gates, the upper gate being brick with a woody belfry (built in 1794), and the lower gate woody. The two-storey residential section is built of logs, the attached farm buildings – cowsheds and horse barn – of stone. Out of original buildings also a log barn has been preserved in the compound. To the homestead also belong a statue of Virgo from the year 1784 and a two-storey log garner, transported in the sixties of 20th century from Malý Rohozec. Since 2010, the Dlask homestead is included in prestigious set of national sights.

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Dlask homestead in Dolánky Skálova 71, 511 01 Turnov Tel: +420 481 322 1­06 Fax: +420 481 325 277 E-mail: mail@muzeum-turnov.cz www.muzeum-turnov.cz

GPS position

N 50° 36.178', E 15° 10.300'



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