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Memorable trees of Ostrava and Frýdek - Místek Districts

Oaks at Hukvaldy

Basic information

Seven memorable European Beeches (Fagus sylvatica) grow under the Hukvaldy ruin in the game-park. Castle Hill Hukvaldy Nature Monument is one part of the game-park. The trees were declared memorable in 1999. Their trunk circumferences vary from 290 to 465 cm, they are 25–30 meters high and approximately 150 years old. The oaks at Hukvaldy were included in the series called „Living heart of Europe“ and in 2003 one of the oaks won the finals in the survey called „The tree of the year 2003“ held by the Partnership charity.

Matters of interest

The oaks at Hukvaldy, except for their greatness, are also interesting for their huge and exceptionally developed root system. Because of the steep slope erosion, the roots are naked thus making an impression of incredibly tangled roots. The root system of these oaks is highly augmented at the base and naked roots are long up to 8 meters. The oaks are easily accessible by the nature trail Castle Hill (Hradní vrch).

Oaks at Hukvaldy

Oaks at Hukvaldy

Oaks at Hukvaldy

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GPS position

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