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Po hradech a zříceninách Českého středohoří

Blansko Castle

The castle was built by Václav of Vartemberk as his residential castle approximately in 1400. Soon after, in the year 1402 it was conquered by the supporters of the king Václav IV. The same year, however, with the help of the king Zikmund it was returned back to the hands of its original owner. After Václav´s death in 1407, his widow and underage son were not able to keep the castle any more. Thus, it became the property of the king, often changing its owners. It was pledged to lords of Saxony in 1424 but after their defeat (1426) it was returned to Vartemberks. After the death of Jan of Vartemberk in 1497 (his relation to Václav of Vartemberk is not quite known), the castle was by marriage connected to the property of Mikuláš of Hermsdorf. It was then sold to Volfart Planknár of Kynšperk in 1503. For a short time it was again in the possession of Vartemberks. Finally, it was purchased by lords of Byn in 1527. Rudolf of Byn left the castle after the year 1570. He had a chateau built in Krásné Březno to which he moved. The castle remained in the property of Byn family till 1628 (it was used as a prison or accommodation for administrators or officers) when it was sold to Kryštof Šimon of Thun in Děčín. Since then it was practically falling in ruins. Today, you can find a mere ruin in here. The castle gate was most likely located in the pass between two rocks at where the entry to the castle is today. This theory is supported by the existence of a semi-circular, probably defensive bastion (non- existing yet). There was another gate behind the main gate. Next to it, there is a hole which could serve as an exit gate or, according another theory, be the main gate. The main core of the castle is surrounded by stone wall without battlement. The wall is 2 m thick on average. It could have a gallery in the past. The castle was divided into three rooms whose shape is not known any more. A viewing platform was built from the castle remains on its original place in the 30s of the 20th century. The ruin is in the care of a civic society striving to save Blansko castle („Občanské sdružení pro záchranu hradu Blansko“). In case you would also like to help, bring a stone with you up the hill.

Hrad Blansko

Pohled na hrad

Zřícenina hradu Blansko

GPS position

N 50° 41.846', E 14° 5.930'



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