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Vrabinec - castle ruin

The ruin of Vrabinec castle, formerly also called Vrabín is one of those spots where one cannot even breathe over the thought that it was possible to build a mediaeval castle at a place like that. The castle was built on a high basalt hill (350 m above the sea level) between Děčín and Ústí nad Labem. It is accessible from a red tourist route leading from Těchovice village. The route is walkable. Hhowever, the final climb up the rock is quite difficult and dangerous and requires caution. The difficult access was also the reason for building the castle here. The lords of Těchlovice had it probably built at the beginning of the 15th century. According to some, it could have been built already in the second half of the 12th century. This opinion, however, is impossible to prove. An entry gate with a bastion and perhaps a drawbridge were at the frontage of the castle in its northwest part. The main part of the castle was wedged between four rock spurs. The western spurs were enclosed with a wall creating a lesser courtyard. The only accessible part today is a cylindrical vent. The longest preserved wall is 12 m long, the highest one is 8 m tall. There used to be a prismatic residential tower on the highest rock vent. Vrabinec, as well as Těchlovice became the property of Zikmund of Vartenberk during the years 1413– 1414. He connected it to Děčín. Soon afterwards, he had it pawned. Mikuláš of Lobkovicz lived here in 1425. Treacherous Zikmund had Mikuláš arrested and demanded the castle back. We can assume that it remained the property of Děčín nobility ever since. According to records, it was deserted during the years 1515 and 1543. If you dare to climb up the basalt rock, you will be offered a wonderful view of Rychnov brook as well as the Labe River. Although the massive rocky structure was declared a nature reserve, it is used by mountain climbers.


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N 50° 42.666', E 14° 12.739'



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