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Konojedy a Levínsko

Beech Hill (Zinkenstein or Buchberg in German)

This massive basalt cone creates an outstanding landmark of the České Středohoří Mountains. A 180 m tall television transmitter was built on it in the years 1960 – 1962. It had to be blasted away after a fire in 1966 and replaced by a tall building 223.4 m tall. The Beech Hill is 684 m above the sea level. It is the westernmost part of the rocky ridge turning into a plateau in the area of Vernečice and Rychnov in the north. The east slope is part of Kladská basin. The other slopes are mixture of steep slopes and protruding margin ridges. The emperor Josef II with his escort came to this territory in 1778 in search of a suitable position for observing the Prussian´s troop. Alexander von Humboldt, a notable scientist was another eminent visitor to the Beech Hill. In commemoration of his visit memorial plaques were placed in here, a wooden one in 1899, a bronze replacement later. České Švýcarsko Mountain Club had a tourist hut built in here in about 1907. It was open during Sundays and holidays. After the World War I the capacities of the hut were not sufficient any more. As a result, an additional part was built to it in 1929. Today it is called “Děčínská bouda” and offers refreshments as well accommodation. Beech Hill was planted with beech trees, oaks and conifers. There is no main road leading across the hill apart from forest roads. There are two deforested parts used as ski slopes in the northwest and in the east. A ski-lift from Červená Voda to Buková hora (Beech Hill) was built here in 2010. There is a 3.5 deep depression and an adjacent cave called Ice Hole which is definitely worth visiting. It is located 20 m southeast from the hilltop. Ice stays there long till the summer months. Weather conditions allowing it, you can see as far as Prague from the hilltop. The České Středohoří Mountains and the Labe River valley can be seen on the south. The west horizon is marked by Krušné hory Mountains, the east horizon by the Lužické and Jizerské hory Mountains, Ještěd Hill and Trosky and the north horizon by parts of České Švýcarsko Mountains.

Buková hora

Děčínská bouda

podled na vysílač

GPS position

N 50° 40.239', E 14° 13.751'



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