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Memorable trees of Odry District

At an Oak

Basic information

A memorable English oak (Quercus robur) is growing at the field road leading from Březová to Větřkovice, to the west from Březová in Silesia on the right bank of Gručovický brook. It was declared memorable in the year 1986. Its trunk perimeter is about 340 cm, its height 17 m. Its age is estimated to be 280 years.

Things to note

The cult of an oak appears in mythology of many nations. It was also considered important in Greek as well as Roman mythology. According to the theory of these nations on the origins of a man, the human kind comes from oaks which were the first trees in the world. It was believed that oaks opened up and let people jump out. They are perceived as the parents of human kind who feed people in times of need, as the parents feed their children. An oak was considered to be a tree of Zeus, the first of Gods, originally the God of lightening. It is said that fortune tellers were foretelling Zues´ will from the rustle of oak leaves in an oak grove in Dodona.

At an Oak

At an Oak

At an Oak

Useful information


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GPS position

N 49° 47.621', E 17° 51.417'



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