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Memorable trees of Odry District

Lime at Klokočůvek´s chapel

Basic information

There are six memorable lime trees, four small-leaved limes (Tilia cordata) and two broad-leaved limes (Tilia platyphyllos) here. The limes are growing around the chapel of Saint Anthony of Padova in Klokočůvek. They became memorable in the year 1999, their estimated age is 200 years, trunk perimeters reach from 115 cm to 323 cm and they are 16 m to 24 m tall.

Things to note

The chapel in Klokočůvek was built in the years 1749 – 1750 at the behest of lord von Wippler. It is dedicated to Saint Anthon of Padova. There are no accounts in the records preserved on why our ancestors decided to dedicate the chapel right to this saint. Anyway, St. Anthon is the patron of Padova, Lisbon, Paderbon, Hisdesheim, the rediscovery of lost things, the loving ones, marriage, women and children, the poor, travellers, bakers and miners, lucky delivery and fertility. He is also the patron against fever, cattle diseases and shipwreck.

Lime at Klokočůvek´s chapel

Lime at Klokočůvek´s cha­pel_P.Lelek

Chapel and Klokočůveks_in­teriér

Useful information


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GPS position

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