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Memorable trees of Odry District

Large-leaved Lime in Heřmanice

Basic information

A memorable large-leaved lime (Tilia platyphyllos) grows on a grass-land near the cow-shed in the south eastern part of the village Heřmanice u Oder. It was declared memorable in the year 1980. Its trunk is 564 cm wide and its height is 22 m.

Points of interest

Except for the large-leaved lime in Heřmanice there is another memorable tree in one part of the village called Véska. It is also a large-leaved lime growing on a grassy area near the cemetery wall. It was planted here as a part of row outplanting in 1808 thanks to the local priest Florián Wawreczky. In his honour the tree was named Vavrečka´s Lime. It has grown 24 m tall and its trunk is 400 cm wide.

Hermanicka lipa 1_P.Lelek

Hermanicka lipa 2_P.Lelek

Hermanicka lipa_P.Lelek

Useful information


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GPS position

N 49° 42.573', E 17° 48.135'



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