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Historie obce Špičák


In the forest behind the Hotel Prokop, you can find many stones which the local people called the Prokop´s stones. They have nothing to do with the famous architect, it is of course a natural phenomenon which can be seen also in other places in the Šumava (i.e. area near the Kašperské Mountains). These stones may be enchanting for people who like the so-called bouldering for there are many interesting paths there. Jirka S. wrote about the Prokop´s stones: „The wall of the Midnight Lighting type still awaits its conqueror. It may offer something that would overwhelm even Fred Nicole.“ Similar paths for bouldering of various difficulties can be found also at the top of Špičák Mountain. Beware, this location belongs to the Šumava Protected Landscape Area.

GPS position

N 49° 10.400', E 13° 13.468'



Milan Kříž