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Historie obce Špičák


The oldest funicular in the Šumava, and for a long time the only one in the Pilsner region, will reliably take you to Pancíř. Along the way, you can enjoy views of the Železná Ruda Valley, Big Falkenstein in Bavaria, Špičák Mountain, Jezerní wall and Čertovo jezero (Devil´s Lake) kar. The most enchanting views are those of the Royal Forest´s ridge with the dominant Ostrý Mountain with two peaks, and Velký Javor Mountain, the highest mountain of the Šumava and the Bavarian Forest. In summer, the funicular will transport also your bike, in winter, cross-country skiers can get off directly to ski trails either at Hofmanky, or on Pancíř Mountain, where you have to walk or ski further 500 meters in the northern direction to find the ski trails. The funicular´s bo­arding station is in the village of Špičák above the train station. The funicular is divided into two parts: the first is 1453 m long, begins at Špičák station and you can find the box office there. The propulsion for both sections is located at the transfer station Hofmanky (earlier Hofman´s court, standing on the spot of the later funicular station and current Hotel Horizont). The second part is 1285 m long and its end station is at Pancíř, right below the chalet and the view tower. The funicular was put into operation in 1971, it is a chairlift overcoming the height difference of 347m with a transport capacity of 327 people per hour. It was made by Transporta Chrudim in 1970 and reconstructed in 1974, after the fall of its rope. It was primarily made with the aim to be exported into the Republic of South Africa, but on the initiative of V. Osvald, a member of the KV ČSTV and also an active member of the former Sokol Špičák, being already on a train to the African continent, it was taken off and sent to Špičák. It has been working reliably until present days. Pancíř (1214 m) belongs to one of the most popular tops of the western Šumava and rewarding tourist destinations. Originally, there was a wooden view tower of the Austro-Hungarian Tourist Club from the year 1880. After its destruction, the Club of Czech Tourists built a chalet with a terrace and a view tower there, designed by the architect Janovský. Pancíř Chalet was firstly called Matušova´s Chalet, after Jaroslav Matuš, a major propagator of hiking in the Šumava. From the view tower on the top of Pancíř, you can watch the border ridge with Poledník, side ridges of Polom and Ždánidla, and the clearly visible top of the Boubín Forest in the distance. You can get back either by the funicular or by foot directly to Špičák or to Železná Ruda. There is another possibility of a comfortable hike along the ridge Pancíř–Můstek–Prenet, or you can take a walk down to the peat-bog Šmauzy or to the railway track to Brčálník, or even to Hojsova Stráž. You can also visit the spring of the Úhlava or Řezná rivers, or Křemelné springs.


GPS position

N 49° 9.563', E 13° 13.686'



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