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National Natural Momunemt and National Nature Reservation in Moravia - Silesian Region

Velký Roudný National Nature monument 2

Basic Information

Velký Roudný National Nature Monument lies in Nízký Jeseník mountain range right above Slezská Harta Reservoir. It is the highest and also most geomorphologically preserved stratovolcano in the Nízký Jeseník range. The site was declared a National Nature Monument on the area of 81 ha in the year 1966. In addition to the geomorphologic features at Velký Roudný, the subject of the protection is also the complex of mesophilous meadows with high species diversity and the occurrence of specially protected and endangered plant species. The most significant landscape feature is the system of parallel stony field boundaries which are now covered with dense stands of trees and bushes formed on heaps of rocks, which earlier farmers had removed from their fields. It is an important geological site with occurrence of olivine basalt and pyroclastics, basaltic and lava tuffs, volcanic bombs and agglomerates. A critically endangered gastropod mollusc of primeval forest Cochlodina cerata opaviensis occurs in here. We can also find populations of European Larch here. There is a proposal for an extension of the National Nature Monument. The old legislation from the year 1966 should be updated and the borders of the area modified with new naturally valuable sites in the north, north-east and east newly added to it. The total area of the revised National Nature monument should be 130.258 ha.

Points of Interest

Not far from the hilltop you will come to a large table rock built of volcanic material and known as Čertův kámen – The Devil’s Rock. It was broken into two parts by the impact of volcanic pumice after an eruption. The local legends give us their own explanation. In the distant past devils lived and worked here and caused lot´s of damage to the local people. God Himself got into a fight with the devils and sent them back to hell. The evidence of the fight can be still seen: the larger depression made by God’s footprint, the smaller one by the devil’s claws. A small chapel standing on the hilltop was built in 1933 and reconstructed in 1998. An iron box with the “hill” book can be found by the chapel. Behind the chapel there are 15 stands with images from the Stations of the Cross. Two stone mounds with crosses which can be found on the hillside are dedicated to the victims of the First World War.
A new, wooden lookout tower was built and open on the Velký Roudný Hill in 2007. It is a 20-metre-high, six-storeyed, wooden structure on a concrete base with a covered viewing platform 17 metres above the ground. This tower offers remarkable views of the nearby Slezská Harta Reservoir, a panorama of the Hrubý Jeseník mountain ridge, the peaks of the Nízký Jeseník range, Krnov and Opava districts and the Oderské vrchy Hills. When the visibility is good visitors can also see the Moravskoslezské Beskydy mountain range to the east.

Rozhledna na Velkém Roudném

Zděná kaplička na vrcholu Velkého Roudného

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