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National Natural Momunemt and National Nature Reservation in Moravia - Silesian Region

Velký Roudný National Nature monument 1

Basic Information

Velký Roudný National Nature Monument lies in Nízký Jeseník mountain range right over Slezská Harta Reservoir. It is the highest and also most geomorphologically preserved stratovolcano in the Nízký Jeseník range. The site was declared a National Nature Monument on the area of 81 ha in the year 1966. In addition to the geomorphologic features at Velký Roudný, the subject of the protection is also the complex of mesophilous meadows with high species diversity and the occurrence of specially protected and endangered plant species. The most significant landscape feature is the system of parallel stony field boundaries which are now covered with dense stands of trees and bushes formed on heaps of rocks which earlier farmers had removed from their fields. It is an important geological site with occurrence of olivine basalt and pyroclastics, basaltic and lava tuffs, volcanic bombs and agglomerates. A critically endangered gastropod mollusc of primeval forest Cochlodina cerata opaviensis occurs in here. We can also find populations of European Larch here. There is a proposal for an extension of the National Nature Monument. The old legislation from the year 1966 should be updated and the borders of the area modified with new naturally valuable sites in the north, north-east and east newly added to it. The total area of the revised National Nature monument should be 130.258 ha.

Geological Characteristics

Velký Roudný Hill (780.1 m above the sea level) represents a typical stratovolcano (mixed volcano). It was built of the products of effusive and explosive volcanic activity. Basaltic rocks of the volcanic plug, especially of purple-grey, strongly porous lava, are exposed as outcrops in the top areas of the cone. These rocks are also found at the start of the preserved thermal lava flows which flowed north and west from the hill top. These lava flows are built of compact basalt which passes into porous lava that breaks down into boulders. The slopes of the stratovolcano are covered with volcanoclastic materials (tuffs), which are exposed in several quarries. Four distinct lava flows can also be found on the volcano and these extend beyond the boundaries of the protected area. A short flow of Roudný Mill runs towards the north (0,7 km in length, 15 m deep), the flow of Herold´s Mill runs towards the north-east (1,3 km in length, 30 m deep). The longest lava flow Chřibský les reaches around 5 km in length and runs to the east to Slezská Harfa Reservoir.

pohled na Slezskou Hartu

pohled z Velkého Roudného

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