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National Natural Momunemt and National Nature Reservation in Moravia - Silesian Region

Odkryv in Kravaře National Natural Monument

Basic information

Odkryv in Kravaře National Natural Monument is an abandoned gravel sandpit. It can be found near Kravaře village at the left side of Chlebičovský brook at an altitude of 254 – 275 meters. The area, covering 1,34 hectares, has been protected since 1966. The subject of protection is a transverse profile of the glacial deposits dating back to the Saalian glacification in the older Quaternary Period (about 300 000 years ago) that was uncovered by gravel and sand mining.

Matters of interest

The basement under the outcrop is built of the Neogene sediments which are overlain by a complex of the Quaternary sediments up to 60 m in thickness. The most interesting layers were observed in the northern wall of the sandpit. This part of the excavation is covered by scree and overgrown vegetation these days and visitors can see only a small part of excavated till of the Saalian glacification at the sandpit entry. This till is approximately 4 metres thick, yellow-brown, non-layered and with honeycomb texture. The following minerals and rocks were found in this excavation: epidote, druzes of tiny quartz crystals in hollow flintstones, limonite (concretions, geodes, fragments), manganese dendrites (on quartzite boulders), flintstone concretions of up to 5 kg, and morion (fragments). Regarding the national natural monument maintenance, it is necessary to remove self-seeded trees and eliminate invasive plant species.

NPP Odkryv in Kravařích1

NPP Odkryv in Kravařích 2

Useful information

Contact information

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GPS position

N 49° 56.577', E 17° 59.733'



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