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National Natural Momunemt and National Nature Reservation in Moravia - Silesian Region

Landek National Natural Monument 6

Basic information

Landek National Natural Monument lies in the northern part of Ostrava city above the alluvial plain and the confluence of the Odra and Ostravice rivers within the altitude of 208 to 280 meters in the Koblov and Petřkovice city boroughs. This area has been protected since 1966. It covers 85,7 hectares and its size was extended in 1989. Landek was proclaimed a national natural monument in 1993. The subject of protection includes not only valuable forest vegetation but also bassets of coal seams and numerous archeological si­tes.

Coal mining

Thank to suitable geological conditions in this area, the coal mining began very early here, as early as in 1782 with the opening of the first two mines Juliana a Vilemína. Further coal sites at Landek area resulted in the origin of many mines that were gradually merged into larger units. That´s how Old hlučínské mines, Šilheřovické mines or New (sometimes also called young) hlučínské mines originated. The last mine was established in 1829 and called The Ferdinand´s Mine of Happiness. The complex of all mines including the ironworks in Vítkovice was sold by the Olomouc Archbishopric in 1843. Its new owner was an Austrian banksman Salomon Mayer Rothschild, who made it a heritage to his son Anselm Salomon and his wife Betty in 1859. By this time, the mine was already called after its owner ANSELM. The mining took place here uninterrupted until 1991 when it was ended. Nowadays we can find the Mining Museum OKD Landek here. This museum is the biggest mining museum in the Czech Republic. The exposition is opened daily throughout the year except Mondays.

hornické muzeum

vstup do hornického muzea

Useful information

Contact information

AOPK ČR, SCHKO Poodří a KS Ostrava ul. 2. května 1 742 13 Studénka Telephone: + 420 556 455 055 http://www.poodri.ochranaprirody.cz

GPS position

N 49° 52.069', E 18° 15.717'



AOPK ČR, SCHKO Poodří a KS Ostrava
ul. 2. května 1 742 13 Studénka
Tel.:+ 420 556 455 055