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National Natural Momunemt and National Nature Reservation in Moravia - Silesian Region

Landek National Natural Monument 4

Basic information

Landek National Natural Monument lies in the northern part of Ostrava city above the alluvial plain and the confluence of the Odra and Ostravice rivers within the altitude of 208 to 280 meters in the Koblov and Petřkovice city boroughs. This area has been protected since 1966. It covers 85,7 hectares and its size was extended in 1989. Landek was proclaimed a national natural monument in 1993. The subject of protection includes not only valuable forest vegetation but also bassets of coal seams and numerous archeological si­tes.

The Landek Castle

At the hilltop of Landek there are the remains of Slavonic fortified settlement from the 8th century AD and later a border castle from the second half of the 13th century, most probably founded by Přemysl Otakar II in order to protect the border with Opočno principality and also the salt and amber routes. The first mention about this castle comes from the year 1297. During the Czech-Hungarian wars in the 15th century, the castle was demolished by the troops of King Matthias Corvinus. Its remains were still visible in 1912 but then local inhabitants used it as foundations for their houses. There are also a few legends about this area, mainly stories about the Landek treasure guarded by a white dog with a key in its muzzle; about the lady in black, riding a black horse; or stories about the daughter of the Landek Master transformed into a boar. The castle remains are freely accessible with a green tourist route. Nowadays a view-tower stands at the place of the former Landek Castle.

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Contact information

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GPS position

N 49° 52.027', E 18° 16.139'



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