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Specially Protected Areas in Poodří Protected Landscape Area

Polanský les Nature Reserve 5 - Nature Protection

Basic Information

Polanský les Nature Reserve lies on the left bank of the Oder River at the north edge of Poodří Protected Landscape Area in close proximity of the City of Ostrava in the cadastral district of Svinov Municipality. The altitude in the Reserve oscillates between 214 and 216 m. Its area of 59,17 ha has been protected since the year 1970. The subject of protection is a large alluvial forest in the Oder river floodplain with a network of old river arms, forest pools and diverse flora and fauna.

Nature Protection

It is most likely that what is now Polanský les Nature Reserve, once used to be a part of a forest land, too. The oldest written accounts of the land come from Joseph´s cadastre in 1787. That time records speak of 28.7 ha of a high forest (oak, hornbeam, elm) with rotation period of 100 years and 28.7 ha of sprout forest (lime, ash tree) with rotation period of 40 years. The forest today belongs to forests of a special status and is left to its own natural development. The main causes of threat to the area are non-native woody plants (red oak, locust tree) and especially invasive species (Reynoutria Spp. or Impatiens glanduligera) as well as overabundant deer species which prevent from natural rejuvenation of woody plants.

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Polanský les

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GPS position

N 49° 47.658', E 18° 12.423'



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