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Specially Protected Areas in Poodří Protected Landscape Area

Polanský les Nature Reserve 2 - Flora

Basic Information

Polanský les Nature Reserve lies on the left bank of the Oder River at the north edge of Poodří Protected Landscape Area in close proximity of the City of Ostrava in the cadastral district of Svinov Municipality. The altitude in the Reserve oscillates between 214 and 216 m. Its area of 59,17 ha has been protected since the year 1970. The subject of protection is a large alluvial forest in the Oder river floodplain with a network of old river arms, forest pools and diverse flora and fauna.


The herbal undergrowth of the alluvial forest is very rich for species. The ideal time for a visit is the spring season when thousands of snowdrops and ramsons (Allium ursinum) are in bloom. Among specially protected plants that can be seen in here we can name the snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis), endangered Turk´s cap lily (Lilium martagon), with a bit of luck epipactis, an orchid species, can be seen here in the summer. Water violet (Hottonia palustris), an endangered aquatic plant, grows in pools and mortlakes of the Oder river. Non- native invasive plant species such as Reynoutria Spp. or Impatiens glanduligera have been spreading along the banks of the Oder River recently. The Administration of Poodří PLA strives to liquidate these invasive plants by means of coordinated and targeted action.

Allium ursinum

Galanthus nivalis

Impatiens glanduligera

Useful information


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GPS position

N 49° 47.077', E 18° 11.935'



AOPK ČR, SCHKO Poodří a KS Ostrava
ul.2.května 1
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