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Specially Protected Areas in Poodří Protected Landscape Area

Bažantula Nature Reserve 2 - Fauna

Basic information

Bažantula Nature Reserve includes the four last ponds of the pond system near Studénka: Small Okluk, Big Okluk, Bažantula and Kozák. The reserve was established in 2009 and covers the area of 36,52 hectares. The subject of protection is a species-rich pond ecosystem, very close to natural one, including rare plant communities, occurence and reproduction of specially protected flora and fauna species.


This nature reserve is home to many amphibians, the critically endangered Marsh Frog Rana ridibunda, the highly endangered European Tree Frog Hyla arborea and the highly endangered Fire-belly Toad Bombina bombina being the most important. The Fire-bellied Toad is the subject of protection of Poodří, a Site of European importance. During the reproduction period, we can spot also the highly endangered Moor Frog Rana arvalis. Frog concerts count thousands of voices and can be heared from a great distance especially in warm May evenings. The ponds are important nesting places for water birds, as for example the Water Rail Rallus aquaticus, the Great Reed Warbler Acrocephalus arundinaceus, the Western Marsh Harrier Circus aeruginosus, the Red-crested Pochard, the Gadwall Anas streper and some dabchick species. The Daubenton´s Bat Myotis daubentonii and the Common Noctule Nyctalus noctula fly and hunt above the ponds´ surface at nights.

Acrocephalus arundinaceus

Circus aeruginosus

Myotis daubentonii

Useful information

Contact information

AOPK ČR, SCHKO Poodří a KS Ostrava ul. 2. května 1 742 13 Studénka Telephone: + 420 556 455 055 http://www.poodri.ochranaprirody.cz

GPS position

N 49° 43.622', E 18° 6.602'



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