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Specially Protected Areas in Poodří Protected Landscape Area

Bažantula Nature Reserve 1 - Flora

Basic information

Bažantula Nature Reserve includes the four last ponds of the pond system near Studénka: Small Okluk, Big Okluk, Bažantula and Kozák. The reserve was established in the year 2009 and covers the area of 36,52 hectares. The subject of protection is a species-rich pond ecosystem, very close to a natural one, including rare plant communities, occurence and reproduction of specially protected flora and fauna species.


The nature reserve ponds are home to a few critically endangered water plant species: the water fern Salvinia Salvinia natans, the Yellow-floating Heart Nymphoides peltata, the white blooming Water Capltrop Trapa natans and the annual aquatic plant Brittle Waternymph Najas minor. An important community of deep water with Magnopotamion is a subject of protection in Poodří – a Site of European importance. Carnivorous Utricularia australis can be found in warmed shallows. This plant feeds on small water animals. Hard littorial vegetation, including the Common Cattail Typha latifolia, the Narrowleaf Cattail Typha angustifolia or the reed Phragmites australis, serves as a shelter for amphibians and as nesting places of water birds. Wood vegetation at pond dams is very diverse regarding its species and age.

Nymphoides peltata

Salvinia natans

Trapa natans

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Contact information

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GPS position

N 49° 43.300', E 18° 6.385'



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