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Specially Protected Areas in Poodří Protected Landscape Area

Bartošovický luh Nature Reserve 2 - Animal species

Basic information

Bartošovický luh Nature Reserve lies on the right bank of the Oder river near Bartošovice parish in Poodří Protected Landscape Area. This area, covering 296,91 hectares, was proclaimed a nature reserve in 2003. The subject of protection is the floodplain landscape of the naturally meandering Oder river, the Horní Bartošovický pond with its ecosystem, marginal wetlands and reedbeds, a continuous belt of alluvial meadows, a forested river terrace with numerous springs and forest wetlands and an historic orchard with local fruit varieties on the river terrace.

Animal species

You are standing at the edge of extensive floodplain meadows interlaced with straightened small streams with occasional shore vegetation. The European Tree Frog (Hyla arborea), typical for its abnormally loud voice, and the inconspicious Edible Frog (Pelophylax esculentus) can be found reproducing in still waters. Early in spring, the migrating black-and-white Northern Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) can be observed on flooded meadows. During a night walk in May, we could hear the secretly living Corn Crake (Crex crex) with a loud and repetitive call krek krek. All year long, the Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) and the White Heron (Ardea alba), hunting for voles, can be watched quietly standing on the meadows. If you are lucky, you could even see the majestic Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla).

Ardea alba

Horní Bartošovický rybník

Vanellus vanellus

Useful information

Contact information

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GPS position

N 49° 39.787', E 18° 0.506'



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