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Specially Protected Areas in Poodří Protected Landscape Area

Bartošovický luh Nature Reserve 1

Basic information

Bartošovický luh Nature Reserve lies on the right bank of the Oder river near Bartošovice parish in Poodří Protected Landscape Area. This area, covering 296,91 hectares, was proclaimed a nature reserve in 2003. The subject of protection is the floodplain landscape of the naturally meandering Oder river, the Horní Bartošovický pond with its ecosystem, marginal wetlands and reedbeds, a continuous belt of alluvial meadows, a forested river terrace with numerous springs and forest wetlands and an historic orchard with local fruit varieties on the river terrace.

Living Nature

The nature reserve is home to to many species, including a few protected plants. On the surface of the Horní Bartošovický pond, the critically endangered Salvinia (Salvinia natans) grows there and in the wetland of the forest pond, there can be found the endangered anaquatic plant with white blossoms – Water Violet (Hottonia palustris). The reserve is an important nesting place of protected birds. The Eurasian Bittern (Botaurus stellaris), the Western Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus), the Water Rail (Rallus aquaticus) and the Great Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus arundinaceus) can be observed nesting in the reedbeds. Protected amphibian species live and reproduce in the wetlands and water habitats, such as the Smooth Newt (Tritulus vulgaris), the Fire-bellied Toad (Bombina bombina), Pelobates fuscus, the Moor Frog (Rana arvalis) or the Marsh Frog (Pelophylax ridibundus).

Dolní Bartošovický rybník

Rana arvalis

Useful information

Contact information

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GPS position

N 49° 40.653', E 18° 1.827'



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