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Specially Protected Areas in Poodří Protected Landscape Area

Polanská niva National Nature Reserve – Crossroads

You are standing at the crossroads of tourist trails at the border of Polanská niva National Nature Reserve. If you take the south-east route, after several hundred meters you will enter the Reserve. After crossing the little bridge take the forest path to the right. You will take a walk through a typical alluvial forest where in early spring you can see a number of blooming flowers or listen to singing forest birds. The trail will lead you through large meadows and along the Oder River further to Košatka nad Odrou. In the middle of your journey you can look at a quite rare memorable tree – Black Poplar (Poklus nigra).

There is a ban on cycling due to an extensive recreational load in the reserve. We recommend that cyclists take the south-west route following the road. There is a cycling path leading by the flow of Mlýnský raceway along the periphery of the forest. You will pass a fishpond called Podhorník and some fishing houses and end up in Jistebník. No doubts it is one of the most beautiful cycling paths in the vicinity of Ostrava.

lužní les


Pupulus nigra

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