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Trebon Town

The history of Trebon goes back to the 12th century, when a small settlement was founded along a pathway through a vast frontier forest. The settlement and the neighbouring territories were owned by Vitek from Prcice. He was the founding father of the Vitkovec nobility, later better known as the Rozmberk family. Initially, the village had the German name “Wittigenowe”. The settlement was declared a town in 1341 and given the Czech name “Trebon” in 1366. The town and its lands flourished under the rule of the Rozmberk dynasty. In 1551, William of Rozmberk became head of the Rozmberk dominions. He engaged the famous master builder Jakub Krcin as manager. Krcin’s management, especially fishpond building, had a great impact on the whole dominion and the town itself. After William’s death in 1592, his younger brother Peter Vok, the last surviving male of the Rozmberk family, assumed the reins. He moved with his court to Trebon where he died in 1611.

In 1622, during the Thirty Year War, the Trebon dominion was conquered by the imperial troops. In 1660, the Schwarzenberg nobility came into possession of the dominion. They hold on to most of it until World War II. The Nazis’ confiscated the properties and in 1947 the Czechoslovak State ruled that the possessions were now in State Ownership.

Several architectonic monuments reflect the historical development of the town. The most notable are the Church of St. Giles, the monastery, the castle, the remains of the town fortification system, and several town houses. The town center has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

GPS position

N 49° 0.342', E 14° 46.483'



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