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Educational trail Rozmberk Fishpond

At Vit's Place

This group of small fishponds is called “U Víta” (At Vit’s Place). The story goes that the place was named after Vit Konrad, the hermit who lost his living-place when the Rozmberk Fishpond was built. In return for his loss, the hermit was allowed to build a new hermitage at this place. It stood here until 1757. A small wooden chapel was situated nearby. It was replaced by the St. Vitus Chapel in 1761.

Here, you also have a good view at the Wet Meadows bordering the eastern side of Trebon. They are formed by a flat depression of about 450 ha. The soil of the area is topped by a thick peat layer. It belongs to a vast peat-bog complex situated in the Castle Forests and Cep Forests. This peat-bog system is the largest of its kind in the Czech Republic. It dramatically changed over the past centuries. The most profound changes were designed by three famous medieval builders, Mikulas Ruthard, Stepanek Netolicky and Jakub Krcin. Vegetation indigenous to the peat-bog – pine forest, alder and willow carr – was gradually cut and replaced by wet meadows used either for grazing or hay-making.

Timber sheds used for hay-storing are a unique part of the Wet Meadows. Farmers made hay by drying cut grass on elevated places. Hay was stored in the sheds which were usually accessible only during winter, when the meadows got frozen and thus passable. The group of about 40 timber sheds is protected as a Historic Monument. Some timber beams date back to the 16th century. Until recently, the original dates on the beams were still legible.

GPS position

N 49° 1.288', E 14° 46.782'



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