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Educational trail Rozmberk Fishpond


This stop is situated in a forest stand dominated by Trebon Pines.

Originally, forests covered almost the entire Trebon Region. They were composed of various tree and shrub species. Due to logging and other human activities, only about half of the area now remains woodland. With this decline came even more negative changes in species composition, age variability, and spatial arrangement. Today, pine and/or spruce are the dominant species. There were always trees of different age in the original forests, but today’s woods are mostly even-aged plantations of a single species.

All these changes make the forests very vulnerable to pests, strong winds, heavy snow, bad water management, and air pollution. In spite of several protection measures, the state of many forest stands here is now critical. It is essential to realize the important landscape functions and values of these forests. To save what is left, it is necessary that the remaining Trebon wood stands are not over-cut.

A local version of the Scots Pine is called the Trebon Pine. Thanks to specific natural conditions, this pine variety has become a highly-valued timber tree for its tall straight trunk, small top part, and high-quality wood. In the past, pine forests were often restored by plantations of poor-quality seeds and seedlings brought from other regions. A genetic classification of pine stands was recently done proving that trees older than 140 years belong to the original Trebon Pines. Nowadays, this variety prevails in many pine forests of the Trebon Basin. Its seeds are used for new high-quality pine plantations.

GPS position

N 49° 1.664', E 14° 47.024'



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