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Educational trail Rozmberk Fishpond

Adolfka outlet

The first step in building this pond was to construct the dam. The ground was cleared and a ditch dug over the full 2 km of the planned dam. A first layer of small stones was laid as foundation, with sticks from oak stuck in the underground. On top of the stones, the first layers of mud were added. The sticks acted like re-enforcement.

Next, the tubes for the drainage system were installed. These tubes had to be from good quality oak or fir. Two halves of a tube were fitted to each other, connected by wooden pins. The connections where sealed with moss. This had to be done very carefully because leakage would mean that the dam had to be broken up to repair the tube. Those builders knew what they were doing; after four centuries, the original wooden tubes are still being used without problem. In some places, the tubes are replaced by steel and concrete constructions. This is not because the system is faulty but to enable a larger outflow. After the tubes were in place, more layers of mud were applied. Each layer was pushed down and reinforced with new sticks.

Every completed step in building the dam was celebrated. The final celebration came when the dam was completed. The wheelbarrows were laid upside down on the dam and the laborers went to the Rozmberks, hoping for some pay but also free meat and drinks. Fish was not what they came for, most of them did not really like it.

The dam is unique by its technical construction and now has a high value for nature as well. The trees along the dam are between 100 and 400 year old and house many species of birds and insects. On the water, you can see numerous species of waterfowl, including sea eagles.

GPS position

N 49° 3.096', E 14° 46.915'



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