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Educational trail Rozmberk Fishpond

Rozmberk fishpond

In the 16th century, extensive flooding of the river Luznice caused large damages around Trebon every year. Famous pond builder Jakub Krcin tackled these problems using earlier plans by Netolicky. He constructed the pond Rozmberk as part of the river Luznice. Each day 800 laborers were digging the pond. They shifted more than 750.000 cubic meters of sand and mud. All of it had to be done by hand with simple tools like baskets and wheelbarrows. Another 700 people worked on making the reinforcements for the dam from branches and other wood constructions. In total 19 villages where directly involved in the work. Constructing the pond was very expensive. Initially, the workers were paid well but pay was later reduced. In the end, the Rozmberks said that the pond was for the best of the villages and that the work had to be done as serf-duty without pay.

Old map of the Rozmberk fishpon

The pond used to be 1.000 hectare. It was later reduced to 500 hectare to be better manageable. At that size, it is still the largest man-made pond in central Europe. Over the last 4 centuries, every second year this large pond is emptied to harvest the fish. Emptying takes about 6 weeks, until only a small pool with all the fish is left. In a procedure virtually unchanged since the 16th century, the fish are taken out, selected for species, and then transported. Today, the harvest amounts to a staggering 150–160 metric tons, or about 50.000 full-grown carp.

Monumental these achievements may be, Krcin’s way to construct deeper ponds proved less efficient for fish production than the shallower style of Stepanek Netolicky.

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N 49° 2.885', E 14° 45.675'



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