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Educational trail Rozmberk Fishpond

Golden Canal

A short distance from here you will cross a small, dirty-looking stream. This little canal forms the main artery of the fishpond system in this region.

Stepanek Netolicky recognized that the river Luznice was not a reliable source of water. When designing his pond systems, he included an easy manageable canal that would form the backbone of his system. This canal should provide fresh water and enable draining of ponds year-round and regardless of water levels in the river. He used the existing canal between the Luznice river and Opatovicky Mill as starting point for what became known as the Golden Canal. He constructed an extension to this canal that ran well to the west of the Luznice river for the next 40 kilometer. It connects back with the Luznice river just south of Vesili nad Luznice. In 1508, construction of the Golden Canal started.

The canal provided a better quality of water to the ponds further away from the river. It made it also possible to construct larger ponds away from the river. In 1570, Jakub Krcin decided that the flow of the canal was not strong enough. He relocated the beginning of the Golden Canal upstream. At this point, he also constructed a weir to further increase the outflow control into the canal. This location still exists, giving the canal its current length of 48 kilometer. Its function has not changed and neither has its importance. Today about 35 % of the total pond area depend on the water supplied by this canal. During the centuries, the canal was used for other purposes as well. It was used to drain peat areas and wetlands and handle flooding from the Luznice River. Much of the materials used for the fortifications of Trebon were transported over the canal, as was the wood used for fuel. The canal powered several mills and provided water to irrigate the fields. Finally, an important role was that of defense by providing water for the moat of Trebon.

GPS position

N 49° 2.737', E 14° 44.420'



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