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Educational trail Rozmberk Fishpond

Brilice fishpond

The area of Brilice was very muddy and wet when the first settlers came here in the 11th century. Initially, the area belonged to the Landstejn family. In 1366, it was passed on to the Rozmberk family, close relatives of the Landstejns. The area was officially given to the Town of Trebon in 1395. The first farm was build here and in 1475, the town got permission from the Rozmberks to build a pond here as well. The pond you are now looking at is the original pond from 1475, although its borders undoubtedly have changed somewhat since its construction. In all wars that raged during its history, Brilice suffered severely. Especially in the Thirty-year War the village was hit hard. In 1625, the population was reduced to only four of the original 31 farm families. The whole Trebon region was devasted during this war. According to the treatise "Trebon dominions during the Bohemian uprising”, 949 houses were destroyed in 6 small towns and 66 villages. Of the original 1741 inhabitants there, only about 160 people survived.

The Brilice fishpond, like most fishponds here, is a good place to observe waterfowl. Especially in the spring, you can see hundreds of birds here directly from the road. In addition to common species of waterbirds, you can also find rare ducks like the northern golden-eye, the colorful northern shoveler, and the blue-winged teal. At the time of harvesting, migrating mud waders including the brightly colored ruff, long legged sandpipers, or little dottrels come flying for food on the uncovered muddy bottom.


GPS position

N 49° 0.963', E 14° 44.836'



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