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Educational trail Rozmberk Fishpond

Svet fishpond

The Svet Fishpond was the first major piece of fishpond construction undertaken by Jakub Krčín from Jelcany. By the time he moved to Trebon, Trebon ponds had already had a long development. The old fisherman had built a vast network of fishponds and Stepanek Netolický broadened and merged these into a single system of interconnected fishpond and supply and drainage canals.

Jakub Krcin

Krčín became inspired by Netolicky’s plans and achievements and decided to carry out some of the not yet realized plans. His first campaign was against the wetlands, mires and peat bogs surrounding Třeboň. This he managed by creating the fishponds Svet and Spolsky. The extensive floodplains of the heavily meandering river Lužnice often were inundated and regularly threatened the town itself. To counter that, Krčín constructed the Rozmberk fishpond and the New River. The Rozmberk fishpond formed a large buffer for surplus water and at the same time became the larges man-made fishpond in Central Europe. The New River is a canal that can be used to divert part of the flow of the river Lužnice upstream of the Rozmberk fishpond into the river Nežárka.

stary trebon

The Trebon people revolted against the plans to build the Svet fishpond adjacent the town. They feared that the dams on the side of the town could burst causing an extensive flood not only of the surrounding lands but also of the suburbs and a hospital. Nevertheless, the construction was started. In 1571, Krčín demolished 26 buildings where the pond would come and began to build his first fish pond. He called it Ingratitude – referring to the trouble with Trebon, but also the difficulties associated with its construction. The name Svet (literally: World) came much later. To stop the protests, Krčín constructed an extremely massive dam wall, which for 380 years resisted all floods. Once, in 1890, with extreme high water, the dam broke and flooded the city. It would have withstand even that onslaught but for one simple detail. The first breach came through a worn-down depression in the dam in front of the town gates. This depression was the result of, during winter, towing ice from the pond to the brewery just below the dam.


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