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Nové Hrady

The Iron Curtain - border crossing outdoor museum

In the years 1992 – 2003, Marek Radomil from Borovany built this outdoor Iron Curtain – Border museum with help of his friends on his own land. The inspiration for it came from his travels along the Czech state border, especially along roads that lined the old wire fence from the former Iron Curtain. From curiosity at this it was then only a short step to the idea to create a museum that brought the acquired knowledge closer to the general public.


The first building was the original wire barricade. Soon also a strip of arable shielding wall was added. The exhibition is complemented by border milestones, a guard tower, and tank traps. Gradually it was enlarged with graphic boards displaying sketches and photographs. A detailed interpretation guide describes the history of the state border of the years 1918 – 1990. Part of the museum is a display exhibiting documents concerning the service at the state border.


Radomil willed his exhibition to the town of Nove Hrady, who after his death committed to reestablish this museum in a fitting place at the former Czech-Austrian border crossing. The museum is of interest to local and foreign tourists and a good destination for school trips. We invite you and your friends to visit this outdoor museum and contemplate its background.

GPS position

N 48° 46.824', E 14° 48.520'



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