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White Carpathians - Protected Areas


This small-scale protected area was designated for the conservation of a flower meadow with several orchid species.

If you want to see orchids, there is no need to travel into the tropic belt countries. In May and June, you can find orchids also here, at Sumlatova. The orchid species at this site include the Early Purple Orchid (Orchis mascula), Green-winged Orchid (Orchis morio), Elder-flowered Orchid (Dactylorhiza sambucina), Pink Globe Orchid (Traunsteinera Globosa), the Fragrant Orchid (Gymnadenia conopsea), and the very rare Spotted-orchid (Dactylorhiza fuchsii subsp. Sooana).

the Early Purple Orchid (Orchis mascula)

the Pink Globe Orchid (Traunsteinera Globosa)

Spotted-orchid (Dactylorhiza fuchsii subsp. Sooana)

In the past, the diversity and population numbers of the orchid species have significantly decreased as a result of excessive use of fertilizers. The nature conservation efforts aim at a return to a more favourable status.

Type of protected area under CZ national legislation: Nature Monument

Managed by: the state, through Bile Karpaty (White Carpathians) Protected Landscape Area Administration

Practical site management: state financed, conducted by local farmers (sub-contracted) includes regular mowing, no fertilization

GPS position

N 49° 5.701', E 18° 4.364'



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