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White Carpathians - Protected Areas


This small-scale protected area comprises a fragment of White Carpathian flower meadows and pastures with rare and endangered plant species.

the Pink Globe Orchid (Traunsteinera globosa)

Apart from a number of orchid species, it is one of the last sites in the White Carpathian, where you can still see the Yellow Gentian (Gentianella lutescens). There is also a large population of the Gladiolus Gladiolus imbricatus.

the Gladiolus Gladiolus imbricatus

the Fragrant Orchid (Gymnadenia conopsea)

Type of protected area under CZ national legislation: Nature Monument

Managed by: the state, through Bile Karpaty (White Carpathians) Protected Landscape Area Administration

Practical site management: state financed, conducted by local farmers and landowners of adjacent plots (sub-contracted)

GPS position

N 48° 55.946', E 17° 50.579'



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