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White Carpathians - Protected Areas


This small-scale protected area includes a flower meadow and a fragment of a pasture near the village of Nedasov.

Kanoury is a site which can boast of the highest species diversity in the northern part of the Bile Karpaty (White Carpathians) Protected Landscape Area. Apart from several orchid species, including the Early-purple Orchid (Orchis mascula), Fragrant Orchid (Gymnadenia conopsea), and the Pink Globe Orchid (Traunsteinera Globosa), there is quite a unique thermophilic (heat-loving) plant community here with the Grass-leaved Iris (Iris graminea) and the pretty, blue-and-purple flowering Purple Gromwell (Lithospermum purpurocaeruleum).

The picture of a typical White Carpathian meadow would not be complete without some scattered shrubs and trees. These constitute a vital part of the local landscape and provide a valuable natural habitat. The shrubs in the Kanoury reserve are a favourite nesting place of the Red-backed Shrike (Lanius collurio), and they offer a welcome shelter and food source to the threatened and harmless Aesculapean Snake (Zamenis longissimus).

Without site management, these grasslands would fast grow over with shrubs, causing the rare plant species to disappear. This is why it is important to keep removing scrub; however, it should only be done outside the vegetation season when there is no danger of harming any nesting birds and other animals.

Type of protected area under CZ national legislation: Nature Monument

Managed by: the state, through Bile Karpaty (White Carpathians) Protected Landscape Area Administration

Practical site management: state financed, conducted by local farmers (sub-contracted)

GPS position

N 49° 6.776', E 18° 6.387'



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