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The valley of Propadlé vody is situted from the east to the west and gets to the contact different fellowships of nothern and southern slopes in here. Different exposition of the slopes considerably changes the conditions in here. Microclimate, leaning of the slopes and surface conditions significantly influence occurrence of herb species.
Northern slope with deeper soil is overgrown by beeches with poor schrub layer. From herbs are here Lilyleaf Ladybell, Galium odoratum or Martagon. From the wood are here hornbeam, tilia and maples too. Near the bottom of the gorge grow crested lark and Gagea latea.
Sharp southern slope has limited possibility of creating the deeper soil profile. Here are stunted oaks and a rich selection of schrubs, at higher places are fellowships of limestone rocks with Seseli hippomarathrum, Thalictrum minus and the whole line of other species.

GPS position

N 49° 58.000', E 14° 8.000'



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