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Svatojánský okruh


At the end of older tertiary (23.5 mil years ago) the area of Český kras had a character of light waved platform. This paraplain as on the level of peaks of the highest hillocks which we can see on the southern and south-western direction (at the direction of decreasing valley under us). At younger tertiary started to rise river valleys. Current form it obtained later, in quartenary. Rivers during the fast countersinking circumvented hard and resistant rocks and scoured through in softer rocks. The graphic result is meander of the river Loděnice (Kačák) right under us.
Formed rocky outcrops and wals are example of extreme type of station due to significant fluctuation of temperature, lack of water and shallow soil. These places are stations of fellowships of blue fescue and Seseli osseum or Blue Moor Grass and Hoary Rockrouse, where grow relatively big number of interesting and for this adaptated species like Basket of Gold, St Bernard’s Lily or Small Pasque flower.
Regularely goes wintering o the Karlštejn Reserve a rare type of European megillas the Wallcreeper. On the warm rocky slopes frequently lives smooth snake.

GPS position

N 49° 58.220', E 14° 8.244'



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