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Svatojánský okruh


The structure of these fellowships and details about their relation to the type and character of the soil and microclimate reminds vegetational penomenons which are evolving on the big grounds of south Russian steppes, northamerican prairies and on the southamerican pampas. Because of that they are called ‘steppes‘ in here, or xerothermic lawn.
Since the Ice Age retained in several areas opened types of biotopes – grassland steppes. On the formation and evolution had a part human activity too – pasturage, grubbing and burning the forests. They are mainly grasslands on deeper rendzinas soils, fellowships of Festuca valesiaca, which are for species really rich fellowships of grasslands and herbs. Here occure the species of herbs like feather grass, Blue Lettuce, Squarrose Knapweed or Vincetoxicum hirundinaria. Spineless animals represent in this type of stand spider Eresus kollari and moths like nine-spotted moth or Libelloides macaronius.

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