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Svatojánský okruh


Shady, steepy and rocky slopes, mainly orientated to the north are marbled by woods with the abundant vegetation of Sycamore Maple, Norway Maple, Large-leaved Lime and a Beech. Maples with Wood bluegrass grow on stony land in warmer, but a little wet places. Maples with dog’s mercury grow on shady and rocky slopes and have higher requirements for moisture and shadow.
Near the stop passes geological boundary between limestones and volcanic rocks. Rocky surroundings significantly influences the making of overlying surface and subsequently character of vegetation.
From the timbers grow here oaks, Common Hazel, Alpine Currant and Fly Honeysuckle. From the herbs is abundant Dog’s Mercury, Herb Robert, Cardamine enneaphyllos, liverwort. Rarely are here orchids like the Bird’s-nest Orchid. From beetles are here for example the tanner, violet ground beetle, Calosoma inquiitor. The Purple Emperor is one from the butterflies. According to the wetter character of the nothern slope is here fire salamander, the endangered amphibian active mainly at night when he hunts various invertebrates. From the mammals we can see here a little Hazel Dormouse.

GPS position

N 49° 58.243', E 14° 8.362'



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