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Svatojánský okruh

Welcome to st. Jan

Educational footpath Svatojánský okruh goes through National nature reserve of Karlštejn, which was for its unique character proclaimed in 1955. In 2000 it won European Diploma of Protected Areas and is a part of the system of protected areas in European importance Natura 2000. The reservation reaches on the area of 1616 ha and is a core zone and a center of biodiversity of the Protected Landscape Area Český kras. For that reason there are rigid protectional rules for activities and behavior according to the law 114/1992 Sb. about protection of nature.
Geological base is made by sediments and a less by vulcanites of Paleozoic age (Silurian – middle Devonian, 435–375 mil. years). Sediments are internationally valued mainly for their content of well-preserved petrified remainders of organisms (fossils). To the most significant belong trilobites, molluscs, but also small tentaculites and graptolites. The biggest part between rocks belongs to carbonates (limestones) which by effect of meteoric and fluvial waters went to karst. It conditions also global character of the landscape, which is very dynamic and up to fabulously romantic.
Climate is pretty dry, warm, with mild winters. Annual rainfalls rarely go over 530 mm and average annual temperatures flow along 8,5 – 9°C.
To the most significant natural biotopes belong oaks, oak-hornbeam, beechen forests and forests of screes, floodplain forests in the valley streams and warm-requiring grasslands and rocky steppes. Some of karstic caves and other underground cavities are exploited by numerous colonies of several species of specially protected microbats which hibernates in there.
Educational footpath Svatojánský okruh is 4 km long with the cant of 166 m. The footpath goes from the monastery in Svatý Jan pod Skalou over the peak of St. John’s rock with the beautiful view ‘U Kříže‘, goes through former Solvay’s quarries and goes back to the monastery by karstic gorge of Propadlá voda.
The footpath contains 10 stops, which approximate to you character of local biotopes, some karstic phenomenons and also species of wild plants and animals. Within the educational footpath you’ll look through the set of artworks of the gallery in the scenery, which ensued on the Sculptural symposium for the reserve of Karlštejn.

GPS position

N 49° 58.160', E 14° 8.034'



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